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Business Planning: Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today

When You Fail To Plan...You Plan To Fail!

Most contractors run their business shooting from the hip. Just firing away at whatever problem has popped up. Operating in complete reactionary mode.

Then, they arrive at the end of the year discovering,

  • Their year was unprofitable.
  • Their crews stood around too much.
  • Their equipment was unavailable.
  • Most of their jobs finished late.

Few contractors plan well. Planning is a tedious and boring task for most people and especially to action oriented folks (like contractors).

But ask yourself this, "how likely am I to meet my business goals if I don't figure out exactly how I'm going to meet them?" Not very likely. Detailed planning is essential to the long term health of your business.

The purpose of planning is to eliminate negative surprises by proactively addressing problems before they arise. You need systems for:

  • Determining which markets to pursue.
  • Creating an annual budget.
  • Creating cash flow budget.
  • Increasing your credit line.
  • Planning project completion.
  • Scheduling work crews.
  • Determining when to buy equipment.
  • Scheduling your equipment movement.
  • Increasing your bonding capacity.
  • Adding staff.
  • Reassigning people.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Maintaining your equipment.
  • Completing and submitting pay applications.
  • Completing and submittal certified payroll.

Thank You - for stopping by.

May your construction business bring you everything you dream of.

Your friends and champions,

Ron Roberts and Guy Gruenberg,
The Contractor's Business Coach

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Inside you'll learn how to grow your commercial construction business - confidently, predictably and profitably.

By joining our club for commercial trade contractors, you will learn...


  • 3 magic questions that close the sale.

  • THE number that gets workers moving faster than you thought possible.

  • Business strategies that work..and those that won't.

  • How to find great paying clients.

  • An employee bonus plan that motivates superior performance.

  • The TRICK to managing your business from your vacation home.

  • And Finally - how to build a business worth a million(s).

We're not holding anything back. We give you ALL the answers. We walk you through the systems. And we make it ridiculously cheap. All with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Here's what happened to one member shortly after joining. It could happen to you too.

Thanks for your call last week. Over the weekend I signed up and listened to a bunch of the sales discussions. It got me fired up and I ended up drafting a sales process with scripts and what to accomplish during a call. This week I will send customers our newsletter and following up with calls.

Take a RISK-FREE 30-Day Test Drive

Our business systems help you:

  • Keep your crews in budget and on time.

  • Let you take control of your year-end income.

  • Make you an employer-of-choice that will draw "A Players" like flies.

  • Leave you with a business that lets you take long vacations without risking your personal wealth and reputation.

We talked industry insiders into explaining how to work with your bank, lower your insurance rates, and increase your bond capacity.

We're putting it all out there for you.

All memberships come with a
30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

After hearing from so many contractors who felt they couldn't afford our hands-on coaching, we decided to do something NO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN WILLING TO DO - make all our PROVEN SOLUTIONS available online.

They are the EXACT SAME skills and solutions we teach our coaching clients to use, the ones who pay us $250 an hour and $2,500 a day. YOU get it for a fraction of that.

Burn our presentations to a CD or IPOD and listen to them as you drive from job to job, sales call to sales call, and meeting to meeting. Put that windshield time to work...on your business!

All for the incredibly low price of $39.99 $19.98 a month!

Only $19.98 per Month!
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Why charge only $39.99 $19.98?

We know that the number of contractors who need assistance FAR exceeds our capacity to provide it with our hands-on help. We felt it was unfair to keeping such valuable guidance accessible only to our hand-picked clients.

Our FRC private club is our way of giving back to the construction community. Hopefully, you will take advantage of the opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you inside the club.

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"These guys get it. They truly understand the industry and the ups and downs of running a business. They know what it takes for us to succeed."

Jason Hogg,
Hogg Technology

"Some of the most practical, most common-sense advice available for contractor success."

Don Coleman,
Coleman Industrial Construction

"I opened my concrete construction business in 2000. Going from technician to business owner has been a huge learning experience. The information and tools you supply us with has really helped us grow."

Doug Bohn,
Procrete, Ltd.

"I have learned a great deal from the newsletter and have implemented their latest WIP categories into our business. For us, it was finally a way to accurately track job costs on a weekly basis."

Jack Carter,
Carter Glass

"I found this website while doing research for a class I teach called “101 Marketing Tips for Contractors”. Ron & Guy not only understand marketing, they understand how contractors think and what is important to them. I find their advice right on the money."

Pat O'Rourke,
Piedmont Virginia Community College

"Industry pros who captivate and motivate, while thinking about our bottom line!"

Mike Henry ,
Rose Paving

"It is so easy to get bogged down in the day to day operation of working in the business. Ron & Guy question or challenge you to take the time to work on the business. Keep up the good work guys."

Stan Wryn,
Western Accents